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  • Create an eclectic set of tools to increase productivity
  • Transfer time consuming daily tasks into easy to use and or autonomous processes
  • Remove hard copy paper trails and balance sheets for bookkeeping
  • Monitor multiple website booking forms and track cart abandonment for personalised follow up
  • Staff management tools
  • Sales reporting and invoice generation
  • Custom chart creating ability
  • Live payment system for over the phone bookings
  • System lock for staff access outside of rostered hours
  • Gift voucher creator, delivery system and tracking
Design & Development:

National call centre system for a First Aid training course company.
The system is made up of multiple tools that would never be found in an 'off-the-shelf' software.

With the main focus around productivity and incoming phone sales/bookings it just didn't make sense that this company had multiple staff sharing the same physical eftpos machine to process over the phone credit card payments.

This process was extremely time consuming and often resulted in customers being put on hold while staff members would wait until another staff member had finished with the machine.

The solution to this problem was to switch to an online system connected to the Stripe payments API.
This allowed all staff to take bookings and process payments from their own stations and in a much more efficient and flexible way.
No longer would customers be put on hold while trying to make a booking over the phone.

The decision to move payments online had a flow on effect with the rest of the sales process.
I was able to eliminate paper receipts and handwritten notes about who processed a particular payment with a digital receipt system.
The digital receipt system would log all payments, the staff member who processed the payment and when the transaction occured.
This also meant that sales totals could now be easily tracked and graphed giving a greater insight into day to day runnings of the business.

Aside from the booking system I added a range of different tools that would also allow this company to be more productive in there day to day workflow.
Most of the tools developed were conceived based on current processes in place with a clear focus on streamlining each of these daily tasks that would otherwise be very time consuming and not very productive.

The end result was a large suite of tools covering very different aspects of the business but all coming together to increase productivity and make processes easier for all staff.

  • Bookkeeping & finance settlement tools with daily/weekly/monthly profit statements
  • Real time website form monitoring - Follow up abandon cart process
  • Sales tracking
  • Staff rostering system with email delivery
  • System lockout settings for each user based on roster
  • Custom chart creation tool for administrators
  • Gift vouchers with tracking and customisable HTML email templates
  • Payment gateway integration with Stripe & eWay
  • Custom invoice generator
Project Time Frame :

N/A - Features developed in stages over a 4 month period. Sole developer